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Social Stories

What are Social Stories?

Social stories  were created by Carol Gray in 1991. They are short descriptions of a particular situation, event or activity, which include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why.

Social stories should be read with the child regularly so that they are provided regular reminders of expectations or events. They can provide information about what might happen in a particular situation, guidelines for behaviour and expectations and prepare children for new experiences. They are designed to provide a reminder of expectations or to reduce anxiety which some children feel when faced with new experiences.

What are Social Stories for?

Social stories can be used to:

  • develop self-care skills (eg how to clean teeth, wash hands or get dressed), social skills (eg sharing, asking for help, saying thank you, interrupting) and academic abilities

  • help someone to understand how others might behave or respond in a particular situation

  • help a person to cope with changes to routine and unexpected or distressing events (eg absence of teacher, moving house, thunderstorms)

  • provide positive feedback to a person about an area of strength or achievement in order to develop self-esteem

  • as a behavioural strategy (eg what to do when angry, how to cope with obsessions).


Below are examples of generic social stories which you can download and use at home. Personalised social stories can also be written. Should you require a personalised social story, please contact the school.



Filename Size Date
Kind Hands and Feet.pdf 1.0MB 08/07/2022
Making Good Choices.pdf 382.1KB 08/07/2022
Sleeping In My Own Bed at Night.pdf 827.1KB 08/07/2022