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Base 6 - The Swordfish

Welcome to Base 6’s page!

Hello, my name is Miss Bradley (class teacher) and I work alongside my wonderful Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Holyhead.

In Base 6 we always make sure to always try our best. We will work together to achieve our targets in all subjects. Children will be encouraged to be creative and really explore explore their passions for learning.

On the website you will be able to access information regarding; Base 6’s weekly homework, which times tables will be focusing on, spellings, topics we will be studying, value of the month and the curriculum offer.

Reading is a huge focus at Teagues Bridge and we encourge the children to be reading at leaast 5 times a week. These reads should  be recorded in their reading diary, which should be in school everyday, so that when a member of staff reads with your child we can also make a note of this in their reading diary. Miss Bradley will be checking reading diaries every Monday to see who is reading at home. Stickers and prizes will be awarded for those who are reading regularly at home.

PE kits should be brought to school on Monday and taken home on Friday. PE will normally take place on a Thursday and  Friday. Please ensure all P.E. kits and uniform are clearly labelled to avoid misplacing them.

Communication boks can be used to relay any messages/questions/converns you might have for the class teachers. Responses will be recorded and returned the same day as they are recieved. Please remind children to pass on communication books when they enter the classroom.

We hope that this information has been helpful, if you have any queries please speak to a member of Base 6. Alternatively, you can email us at base6.teaguesbridge@taw.org.uk

Value of the Month

The Value of the Month is Acceptance. Base 6 will be developing their understanding of acceptance and the importance of being respectful of others. Within class we will be discussing the importance of acceptance and the importance of respectful acts within school. Every month we will have a values champion who will be announced by Mrs Abdulla in assembly.

Term Theme

This term’s theme is called: Raiders and Traders. 

In this topic we are focusing on History. We will begin the topic with our memorable experience where the children will use clay to create their very own Viking Runestones. In Base 6, we will be looking at Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The children will be learning about the raids and invasions by Vikings in Anglo-Saxon Britain. The children will be learning who the Vikings were as well as when and where they raided and settled.

Our Love To Read book is called ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, which is linked to our theme topic. We will be researching our author of the term ‘Cressida Cowell’,  and we are hoping to find out some interesting facts about her. Each day we will read more of the book, as we are reading the story we will be developing our Reading Domains.

Alongside this, the flag of the month for April is Ghana and May is Poland.

Curriculum Offer

View our Curriculum Offer Part 1 PDF document

View our Curriculum Offer Part 2 PDF document

Mr N Holloway

This Week's Homework

Homework is set on purple mash on Friday and will be active until the following Wednesday.

Please complete the alerts which are indicated on Purple Mash. If you have any questions about the homework I can be contacted through 2email on purple mash or alternatively in the communication diary.

The children take part in X Club, every Friday the children take part in a multiplication test. If they have got one or more incorrect they will be given a sheet to revise/practice these multiplication facts. This sheet does not need to be returned to school, but it is to supp0rt the children in developing their multiplication skills.

At the start of Spring 1, the children will be coming home with 10 spellings each week, they will be given a week to practise these at home and school and then on the following Friday they will then complete a spelling test. I am hoping this will support the children to develop their spelling skills but also deepen their vocabulary.

Times Tables

Please practise the 6 and 8 times tables with your children, I will be focusing on these for the next couple of weeks and then we will move on to the 7 and 9 times table. There are lots of websites to support this. TopMarks.com is very useful. If you need any additional resources please feel free to speak to someone from the Base 6 team.