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The Number Sense Maths programmes are informed by research into children's attainment of number sense, children's attainment of fluency in addition and subtraction facts, and children's attainment of fluency in multiplication facts.

The programme develops recall of 36 core multiplication facts. Fluency in these facts provides the foundation for all written and mental multiplication and division. New facts are introduced and taught visually through the conceptual lessons, and aurally through the chanting of verbal sound patterns. Facts are learned to fluency through daily practice sessions with scores tracked daily and targeted support provided where needed. 


Each unit of the programme has 5 steps, which collectively support every child in your class to become fluent in both factual recall and understanding of concepts. Each step is critical if all children are to achieve fluency. Training videos on each of the steps are provided.


The programme starts from January of Year 3, once children are fluent in addition and subtraction facts. We also provide guidance on adapting the progression for later start points.