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Reading for Pleasure

At Teagues Bridge Primary, reading forms the core of our educational approach. We cultivate a passion for
reading through various methods, ensuring that every student can immerse themselves in the world of literature.
By the end of the first week of term, each classroom will boast a dedicated reading area designed to captivate
and inspire learners.

These areas will feature an array of reading materials:

Non-fiction books related to class topics

  • Newspapers
  • Comics
  • Magazines
  • Large-format books
  • Genre-appropriate literature for literacy lessons
  • Picture books.

To facilitate easy access, books will be categorised into non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, with students actively
participating in the upkeep of these reading corners. In classrooms with limited space, a well-organised
bookcase will serve as the focal point of the reading area.

Additionally, as part of our "Ten a Term" initiative, each class will receive ten high-quality texts to enjoy at
the conclusion of each school day, reinforcing our commitment to instilling a love for reading from early
years to upper Key Stage 2.

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