Base 7

Hello and welcome to Base 7’s page!  Our class teacher is Ms Wilkinson.

In Base 7 our motto is ‘Learning through Fun’- we like to enjoy ourselves in school whilst challenging our minds, supporting each other and learning as a team.

Base 7 adopt the magic learning habits to ensure we are continually learning and exploring the world around us; we like a challenge, we never give up and we help each other when things get tricky.

We hope you enjoy looking at our page and discovering what fascinating things we have been learning in year 5.

Term Theme

As part of our peasants, princes and pestilence topic we will be first looking at using personification to create a persona for pestilence (the black death). We will be looking at what it was like to live in the 13th century, at the time of the black death, writing journals from different perspectives. We will finally be looking at the peasants revolt writing persuasive letters and newspaper reports. In addition we will also be writing our own poems set in medieval England.

In science we will be investigating the life cycles of animals and insects and how this effected the spread of the plague. We will be investigating the biological processes that make bacteria and fungi growth. We will also be looking at the science behind medieval herbal medicines and how different properties of plants can have healing properties. 

Curriculum Offer Curriculum Offer Part 1 – Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Offer Part 2 – Autumn Term

Parent Workshops

Our next parent workshop will be held on Thursday 9th November at 3.30pm and will focus on using inspire maths.

If you wish to attend please complete the return slip and we look forward to seeing you all there