Curriculum Offer Spring Term 2016

The curriculum at Teagues Bridge is planned to excite and engage our learners. A famous philosopher once said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Our curriculum is full of opportunities for our pupils to be involved in hands on experience as a natural part of learning. For example, activities such as re-enacting historical events, hot seating (taking the part of the character in a book), making rockets at Cosford.

Visits and visitors have been carefully planned into our curriculum programme to enrich our pupil’s learning experience and provide an extra level of expertise to further engage them in their learning. We have had the pleasure of authors, poets, artists, potters, exotic zoo, archery, fire-fighter, nurses etc. Introducing pupils to a wide range of experts also opens up pupils’ minds to the possibilities for further study and employment in the adult world.

We are determined through our rich, thematic curriculum to show pupils what a wonderful world we live in, encourage them to think about the opportunities that lie ahead of them and instil in them the importance of education and lifelong learning in fulfilling their dreams.

English and mathematics are delivered in daily lessons using the new national curriculum 2014 framework for planning. Where applicable the context, such as the chosen text in English or the source of data in mathematics is linked to the year group’s current theme. Science and Religious Education are planned for using the recommended plans from Telford and Wrekin. Where suitable history, geography, Modern foreign languages (we currently focus on French), design technology, computing, art, music, PSHE and citizenship lessons are planned within a context for learning or theme. By linking subjects together in this way, allows children to make the connection and understand the big picture of where all the learning fits in to the real world.

Lessons are taught in mixed ability groups other than phonics/spellings, where we set children according to the phase they are working on (EYFS and Keystage 1). Children are also set for the monthly maths challenge morning. Children who have been identified have having a specific need or requires additional support for areas of their learning, can access interventions. These occurring all day in both keystages and allow the children to work in smaller groups away from the whole class setting, allowing a more personalised approach to their learning needs.